Hayabusa Double End Bag

Price: US$50.00

Hayabusa Double End Bag

The Hayabusa Double End Bag is the perfect tool for developing core boxing skills, from timing and accuracy to speed and endurance. Take your training to another level with shock cords that rebound rapidly to challenge your hand-eye coordination and keep your reflexes sharp. Equipped with a perfect density ball and heavy duty braided cords to make setup and take down quick and easy in any training space.



  • Perfect density rebound ball delivers excellent feedback with a satisfying pop on impact
  • Heavy duty braided nylon shock cord rebounds ultra quick for high speed training
  • Ultra tough exterior and non-tear rubber bladder absorbs years of repeated punishment
  • Perfect size and shape rebound ball with striking targets for precision training
  • Air pump and stowaway needle for quick assembly and efficient storage



  • Package contents: Double end rebound ball with a rubber bladder. Attached shock cords and carabiner. Air pump with a needle.
  • Bag length: 13.8in 35cm (35cm)
  • Bag Circumference: 24in (61cm)
  • Shock cord length: 27.5in (70cm)
  • Total length: 68.9in (175cm)
  • Exterior: PU leather, reinforced stitching, nylon lined PU loops
  • Interior: Rubber air bladder
  • Best for: Boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, Karate, Taekwondo


Find Your Rhythm

Training with a Double End Bag is all about consistency and rhythm. The rebounding ball sharpens your reflexes, teaching you to initiate attacks, move defensively, and connect combos effectively.

Rapid Rebound Elasticity

Equipped with braided nylon shock cords, the Double End Bag delivers the perfect elasticity for quick, stable rebounds, allowing you to develop your hand-eye coordination, speed, and timing

Distinct Training Feedback

Once inflated, the punch ball becomes the perfect density for boxers, delivering a satisfying pop when you land a punch in the sweet spot.