Hayabusa Speed Jump Rope - Black/Gold

Price: US$28.00

An essential tool for all boxers, the Hayabusa Speed Jump Rope is perfect for cardio and conditioning. Improve your footwork with this ultra-lightweight steel wire rope, made for high speed rotations with smooth-swivel ball bearings. Maximize your training with an adjustable rope length and high-quality materials built to meet Hayabusa standards.




  • High-speed ball bearings allow for smooth-swivel rotations
  • Aircraft-grade steel cable provides unparalleled durability
  • Ergonomic handles deliver superior grip as you train
  • Customizable length using easy-to-adjust screws
  • Lightweight tangle-free steel rope allows hassle free portability



Enhance Your Combat Training

The Hayabusa Speed Jump Rope is an incredible tool for boxing and HIIT workouts. Jumping rope simulates your movement in the ring and improves your footwork, conditioning, and breathing efficiency.